Shrri Hari Pancha Tulasi Drops

  • 252
  • 15 ml


Description: Immunity booster, recurrent cough and common cold; adjuvant in bacterial diseases, supportive in influenza; swine flu and dengue Sore throat or foul smell, recurrent illness, skin disorders Useful in children prone to allergies; supportive in skin ailments; water disinfectant

Composition: Each 10 ml of Shrri Hari Pancha Tulasi Drops contains essential oils of the following ingredients: Ocimum sanctum (Leaves) 6.0ml, Ocimum gratissimum (Leaves) 0.5ml, Ocimum canum (Leaves) 0.5ml, Ocimum basilicum (Leaves) 0.5ml, Ocimum citriodorum (Leaves) 0.5ml, Liquid base with Permitted preservatives Q.S.

Usage: Use 1 drop of Pancha Tulasi with 200 ml of drinking water for regular usage.

  • It enhances immunity
  • It Helps to relieve cold, cough and flu symptoms
  • Regular use prevents oxidative stress of free radical origin of the body
  • Reduces the wear and tear process

Meaning of Tulasi

How do people typically worship the Tulasi plant, and what significance does it hold?


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